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Quick Release 2 Cup

Quick Release 2 Cup

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Each turner comes your choice of 3/4” PVC or 1” acrylic arm.

Each arm comes with a quick release so all you have to do is push on and pull off.

Each turner automatically comes with purple honeycomb. 

Acrylic 1” will come with black foam 

Your turner comes with one arm and one foam insert per motor. Each turner comes with a drying rack on top per motor

All arms are 6” apart on center of arm. 

Each arm comes with your choice of 3 RPM or 6 RPM that turns both directions by flipping the on/off switch.

Extra arms with black foam, and or pink/white flowers are available, please see separate listing.

If you are interested in ordering a custom turner, please fill out “Contact Us” form. 


Dimensions (L x H x W):
12" x 12" x 8"


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